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Dr. এম ডি. বদরুজ্জামান

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Current Position

Medical consultant,SHELTECH Real Estate Pvt ltd.




1.One year internship training in Sher –E_- Bangla Medical College.

2.Honorary Medical officer, Department of Medicine from Dhaka Medical College on 01.06.1991 to 31.05.1992.

3.Part time  Medical office of Rahimafrooz Batteries ltd Factory at Nhakhalpara from 02.06.1992 to 30.06.2006

4.Emergency Medical officer of Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital since 15.04.1996

5.Part time Medical officer of Healthcare center, Bannani from 01.06.2004 to 01.07.2006.

6.Medical officer of Bhasentak Health Center since 02.02.1991. It’s a plethoric work for the poor slum of Bhasentak Basti.

7.Manager,  Medical – Consultation  in Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd – Grameen Phone ‘Healthline 789 ‘from  01.07.2006  to 01.10.2011

8.Now working in SHELTECH Real Estate Pvt ltd. As Medical consultant since 16.02.2012

Primary Question: 500 (BDT) with 3 followups.
Supplimentary Question: 200 (BDT) for every followup.
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