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Dr. নবনিতা চক্রবতী

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Current Position

Consultant,  Rifat’s  Dental  Implant  Laser  Cosmetic  Care


Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) ,  Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)


Advise X-ray Intraoral views periapical radiograph, bitewing, extra oral projections panoramic/OPG & other x-rays, based on neglected/bad oral & teeth conditions, poor localization of pain, heavily restored teeth & ill define patients.

Other diagnostic measures are taken according to patients health conditions (such as diabetic, thalassemic, haemophilic, patients with hepatitis, bleeding disorder, high/low blood pressure, patient at high risk).

Special attentions are taken for appropriate clinical diagnosis & safety precautions for the above mentioned patients.

Diagnose the appropriate conditions of patients.

Suggest proper treatment after examining actual condition.

Advise medicine pre-operatively if necessary (e.g; palliative drug therapy for acute oral infections).

Take all necessary measure according to teeth & oral conditions of patients .

Investigate primary oral & dental disease & seek other pathology.
Advise and guide how to maintain Dental Hygiene.

Screening Through Intra Oral Camera.

Conduct Scaling, Polishing, Laser/UV LED Teeth Whitening.

Conduct  Root Planing, Curretage.

World Class Biocompatible Natural Dental Filling and Aesthetic Restoration.

Perform Appropriate Root Canal Treatment (RCT) through Apex Locator Technology, Biocompatible Sealer & Vitality Tester.

Perform Root Perforation Repair and Pulpotomy.

Prepared Porcelain, Ceramage Inlay-Onlay Crown-Bridge.

Conduct Extraction, Impaction.

Perform minor & major surgery. e.g;  gingivectomy, operculectomy,  muco gingival surgery.

Conduct treatment  by drainage of local abscesses, Treat impaction, hemisection, first aid for dento-alveolar trauma, common prosthetic & orthodontic treatment based  on  patient’s teeth condition.

Conduct Dental Implant Restoration  before  taking all safety measures.

Perform Fractional Non Surgical Laser Treatment for Skin Tightening, Rejuvenation, Fine Wrinkles Rejuvenation, Acne Treatment, Scar Removal, Dark Spots, Pores Treatment, Melanin Depigmentation, Brightening of Skin, Birth Marks Elimination, Full Face Skin Resurfacing.

Diagnose  12  Major  Organs  Root  Cause  Identification  & Elimination of Health Problems through Prognos Health Checkup System with Integral Preventive & Therapeutic Approach.

Working on  3rd Generation Dental C02 Laser for Root Canal Sterilization, Bleeding    & Painless Gingival Depigmentation, Gingival Traughing, Plasty,  Gingivectomy, Operculectomy, Implant Surgery, Disinfection of periodontal Pocket, Gum Cutting, Pulp Capping, Abscess Treatment, Frenectomy,  Stop Bleeding After Extraction of tooth, Herpes, Cancrum sores, Oral Ulcers Treatment.

Prescribe drugs post operatively, preserve the history of patients for further review & follow-up if required

Suggest aesthetics measure having malocclusion, crowding or spacing of teeth

Primary Question: 500 (BDT) with 3 followups.
Supplimentary Question: 200 (BDT) for every followup.
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