How it works

Health Prior 21 Limited ( has already been emerged as the Only information dissemination and service delivery portal in the health sector in Bangladesh. It is popularly considered as ‘Portal Hospital’ where you can get access to essential information and services online even from your home. It will put you at ease as you do not have to take the burden of physically going to a hospital or a health complex to gather information or to receive services. The core services that Health Prior 21 Limited offers for you are mentioned below:

  •  E-doctor

Have you ever dreamt of  Curing Your Disease from your Home? Have you ever wished to convey your problems to your Desired Consultant in an organized manner? Do you want to Discuss Anything Private which you do not feel the confidence to disclose in a consultant’s chamber? E-doctor comes into effect for you if you want to get your queries answered by renowned doctors online.

  • E-store

What if you could choose your desired health products from your home and also receive it there? You can make your life easier in this way, can’t you? E-store is waiting for you with a wide range of health related products. Your desired product is just a click away!

  • Directory

Looking for a nearest doctor, hospital, diagnostic center or a health complex in an emergency situation? Getting worried about where to find the authentic information?  Our directory services will give the most updated information instantly.

  • Daily Health Tips

Who does not want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? To take you through the journey to your health-related aspiration and ambition, we are always with you to provide you with the Latest Health Tips. Health Tips are updated every day at midnight.

  • Health News

Want to have a trip through the health events and happenings that occurred in and around the world at one go? Our health news service will take you to that expedition. We update health news Every Day!

  • E-library

Are you a medical student? Irrespective of the level that you are in, our e-library will provide you with the latest version e-books of any discipline for your use.  Good news is that it is totally FREE!

  • Drug Index:

Are you a doctor and are you bored with searching medicine related information from Therapeutic Index manually? Why not multiplying your time by utilizing the blessings of technulogy by using our online Drug Index? It is totally FREE! and it is updated regularly with new drug information.

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