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Post Operative Complications, 2nd Ed

Post Operative Complications, 2nd Ed
Author/editor: David Leaper, David Leaper
Publication Date: March 19, 2010
isbn10: 0199546266
isbn13: 978-0199546268
Edition: 2nd



Complications following surgical procedures are not only associated with significant morbidity and mortality, but also add immensely to the psychological burden of the patient and are disappointing for the surgical team. Recent research has led to a greater understanding of the response to surgery and anaesthesia, and great advances have been made in pre-operative preparation with appropriate investigations and pharmacological prophylaxis. These have reduced the incidence of many complications, but the risks are impossible to remove completely. 


This wide-reaching and practical handbook covers all aspects of post-surgical complications. It is divided into two sections: the first covers general complications such as pressure sores, complications of fluid balance, and problems related to anaesthesia, while the second focuses on the complications encountered in the major surgical specialties. Fully revised and updated since the previous edition, and written by a team of experts, Post-Operative Complications is essential reading for all those involved in caring for surgical patients.


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