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Imaging in Rheumatology

Imaging in Rheumatology
Author/editor: David A. Isenberg, Peter Renton
Publication Date: February 13, 2003
isbn10: 0192632639
isbn13: 978-0192632630


Imaging in Rheumatology provides a unique, comprehensive review of the modalities of imaging now available to assist rheumatologists in diagnosing and managing virtually all rheumatic diseases. It is divided into three sections. The first describes in simple detail how the various modes of imaging work in practice. The second informs the reader about the use of imaging in the diagosis of common problems. The final section provides a detailed assessment of the use of imaging in the management of the common rheumatic diseases. The clinical chapters are written by both rheumatologists and radiologists and this combined approach ensures a thorough preview of each topic explaining just what modern imaging can do to help the clinicians diagnose and manage the broad array of rheumatological diseases.

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