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Clinical Chemistry - A Laboratory Perspective, 1st ed

Clinical Chemistry - A Laboratory Perspective, 1st ed
Author/editor: Wendy Arneson, Jean Brickell
Publication Date: January 25, 2007
isbn10: 0803614985
isbn13: 978-0803614987
Edition: 1st


Meet the learning needs of today s students with a brand-new style of textbook designed to excite your students interest in clinical chemistry! Organized almost entirely around organ systems to parallel the way physicians order tests this groundbreaking text teaches the concepts and principles of clinical chemistry through realistic situations and scenarios. By integrating pathophysiology, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry for each major system, students clearly see the relevance of what they are learning to their future careers. This practical approach encourages them how to apply theoretical principles in the laboratory and to develop important critical-thinking skills.

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