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Becker's World of the Cell, 8th Ed.

Becker's World of the Cell, 8th Ed.
Author/editor: Jeff Hardin, Gregory Paul Bertoni, Lewis J. Kleinsmith
Publication Date: January 6, 2011
isbn10: 0321716027
isbn13: 978-0321716026
Edition: 8th


Widely praised for its strong biochemistry coverage, Becker’s World of the Cell, Eighth Edition, provides a clear, up-to-date introduction to cell biology concepts, processes, and applications. Informed by many years of teaching the introductory cell biology course, the authors have added new emphasis on modern genetic/genomic/proteomic approaches to cell biology while using clear language to ensure that students comprehend the material. Becker’s World of the Cell provides accessible and authoritative descriptions of all major principles, as well as unique scientific insights into visualization and applications of cell biology.

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