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Advanced Digestive Endoscopy - ERCP, 1st Ed

Advanced Digestive Endoscopy - ERCP, 1st Ed
Author/editor: Peter B. Cotton, Joseph W. Leung
Publication Date: January 6, 2006
isbn10: 1405120797
isbn13: 978-1405120791
Edition: 1st


Advanced Digestive Endoscopy: ERCP addresses some of the most complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for endoscopists. It provides the latest thinking and clear instruction on the techniques, which have been integrated with overall patient care.

Written by the leading international names in endoscopy, the text has been expertly edited by Peter Cotton into a succinct, instructive format. Presented in short paragraphs structured with headings, subheadings and bullet points and richly illustrated throughout with full-color photographs.

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