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A Practical Manual of Diabetic Foot Care, 2nd Ed

A Practical Manual of Diabetic Foot Care, 2nd Ed
Author/editor: Michael E. Edmonds, Alethea V. M. Foster, Lee Sanders
Publication Date: February 19, 2008
isbn10: 1405161477
isbn13: 978-1405161473
Edition: 2nd


A practical clinical manual for the diagnosis, treatment - both medical and surgical - and the long-term care of foot problems in people with diabetes. The authors are world-renowned experts in this subject and they present the internationally recognised best practice. 

The clinical chapters are presented in a structured, colour-coded format to allow easy reference. The text also includes highlighted best clinical practice tips. Each chapter is accompanied by high-quality, full-colour photographs that provide excellent examples of the earliest presenting signs as well as illustrating the step-by-step guidance on treatment. This book is an essential manual for every healthcare professional involved in the care of patients with diabetes.

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