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Sauna Massage Belt

Promotes blood circulation by vibrating to help you lose weight
Thermal therapy for your waist, back, abdomen, waist, back, hip, thigh, leg
Can sauna and reduce extra fat and make you slim
Very safe to use
Very easy to use, especially for the old
Output Voltage: DC 12V 1.25A
AC Adapter: AC100~240V 50/60 Hz
Total Power Rating: 16W
Vibration Power Rate: 9W
Heat Power Rate: 6W

1. Professional slimming belt designed to effectively tone different sections of the body from the abdomen to calves . Heat Diffusion to ease blood circulation. 5 Level Auto and Manual Control for program, speed and direction.
2. As well as It is an innovative product, using the latest technology to provide you with an effective elliptical swinging massage.

Designed in accordance with human engineering, to ensure the greatest degree of comfort.
With the speed and intensity of regulation of automatic and manual massage modes. Integration of a variety of massage speed and intensity of a rhythmic massage programs.

Package included
weight: 719.04 g
size: 45*21*6 cm
* Vibrating Slimming Massage Belt
* User Manual
* Controller
* Power Adapter

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