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Easy Slim Tea

Product Description

 Easy Slim Tea
 The world\\\\\\\'s best and most powerful fat burner \\\\\\\"Easy Slim Tea system\\\\\\\" is herbal combination of rare and extremely effective natural herbs & green tea which is very rich in anti-oxidants and having therapeutic values, Easy slim tea system‘s ingredients are best form of the ayurvedic practices for weight loss mentioned in glorious ayurveda book from our illustrated Indian heritage. 
 It contents Nagarmotha, Triphla, kali mirch, Tagar, Bai bidang and many other ancient rich Chinese herbs.
 One of the most effective herbs used in Easy slim tea system is GARCINIA CAMBOGIA which produces Hydroxycitric acid in human body when consumed according to the guidelines. It doesn’t allow lipogenesis process to convert food into the fats. It also burns stored fats and controls appetite in human body.
 Easy slim tea systems also help in detoxifying the body from inside. Reduce constipation and curtails gas formation.
 This scientific system of easy slim tea, with the help of its extra ordinarily effective herbs, activates the catabolism function of metabolism to its fullest and thus supremely active metabolism balances the body weight by restraining carbohydrates to convert into the fats. As a result body doesn’t restore fat and stay in shape and maintains hormonal balances as well and achieves fit, energetic and full of life status for long. 
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Terms of Conditions

 1) Home delivery is also available
 2) Delivery charge 50 taka
 3)Outside Of Dhaka Delivery From SA Poribohon
 4)Products will be delivered within two working days after confirmation of the order
 5)Stock is available
 6)100% Genuine Products
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