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Tummy Fit

Made from 40 herbs fused with solar properties which are completely herbal. It has the power to penetrate & reduce inches.

Tummy slim fit oil™
is the most effective product for inch loss on tummy. The key properties for the product are:
Removes cellulite the most stubborn fat cell produced by skin.
Effective inch loss, permanent in nature.
Aids in reducing the tummy, giving the b...See More™?
Apply 5-10 ml tummy slim fit oil™ ayurvedic medicated oil, by massaging it on your stomach for at least 8-10 minutes so that it effectively penetrates the skin and starts attacking & reducing the fat, but also maintains the tautness of skin 7 does not allow it to loosen. For best result it is important that you do not eat anything till 20 minutes after application of tummy slim fit oil™.


1)Outside Of Dhaka Delivery From SA Poribohon
2)Products will be delivered within two working days after confirmation of the order
3)Stock is available
4)100% Genuine Products
5)Faster Delivery Service
6)Hotline: 01755607301

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