AAA for Nutrition


AAA for Nutrition (Advocacy, Action and Accountability)


Introduction of Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)

Ministers and representatives of National Governments of more than 150 countries, representatives of FAO. WHO, other UN organizations, development partners, private and public sectors, Civil Society organizations and most development and nutrition related stake holders assembled at the ICN2 in Rome, November 2015. ICN2 was jointly organized by FAO and WHO, to address the multiple challenges of malnutrition in all its forms and identify opportunities for tackling them in the next decades. Thus reaffirmed the commitments made at the first ICN in 1992 and the World food Summits in 1996 and 2002 and the World Summit on Food Security in 2009, as well as in relevant targets and action plans, including the WHO 2015 Global Nutrition Targets and the WHO Global Action Plan for the prevention and control of Non-communicable Disease 2013-2020.

To develop a civil society/activist/media coalition (“Nutrition watch” or “Generating the power of Nutrition”) to highlight government commitments in nutrition particularly ICN2 and (ICN2 , World Health Assembly) and to make a contribution to tracking progress.

Raising profile of nutrition and declarations:
•    Raise the profile of nutrition within relevant national strategies, policies, actions plans and programmes and align national resources accordingly.
•    A nutrition policy published according to the declaration and also with special attention to women and improving children and girls’ nutrition with link to the social protection policy. Reduction of Stunting (Chronic under nutrition reflected as low height for age) will be emphasized as key outcome indicator.
•    Coordinate public policies on  food and agriculture system, including crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture etc,

Strengthening collaboration among stakeholders:  
•    Strengthen and facilitate contributions and action by all stakeholders to improve nutrition and promote collaboration within and across countries;
•    Coordinated action among different actors, across all relevant sectors at international, regional, national and community levels, needs to be supported through cross-cutting and coherent policies under stronger leadership.

Promote investment in nutrition for Advocacy, Actions and tracking Accountability across stakeholders in line with National Nutrition policy and Framework for Action as committed in ICN2. Health Prior 21 Limited will lead civil society alliances and media coalition in this AAA for nutrition challenge.


The work is supported by Save the Children.

ICN2 follow up on 7th January 2016

Media-Civil Society Meeting to Track Progress of ICN2 3rd April 2016

Tracking Progress Of ICN2 27th October, 2016

SUN Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) Meeting

Gerda Verburg, SUN Co-ordinator's Meeting with SUN Network


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